Most of us spend a good deal of effort trying to get to excellence in the creative work we produce.  Often the easiest and most cost-effective way to do that is to work with Wilhide & Company. We can help when you face the toughest challenges -- tight deadlines, tight budgets, reduced marketing staffs -- when you need to get something done right, fast and on budget.

25 years experience as an award-winning copywriter. We do ads, brochures, direct mail packages, newsletters, grant writing, press releases, articles, white papers... and a whole lot of other things. We also provide editing services.

Creative direction
We put together the best creative team for the job and help manage that team. We help ensure that what is produced matches the goals of the project or campaign. We usually do the copywriting and work with in-house groups, top design firms and freelance designers as necessary.

Consulting services
We help people do their marketing communications better. We advise on campaigns and projects, as well as provide on-going creative support. We’ve helped people create and implement marketing communications plans, evaluate current and potential strategies and conduct brainstorming sessions.

We do some design, usually when a basic approach is called for. We also work with design firms and in-house designers.

We can help you with strategy and planning... but our strength is implementation. When you need to get something done right -- right away -- contact us.

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