Hi -- thanks for visiting our Web site! We’re an innovative advertising agency based in Minneapolis. Our specialities are copywriting, direct marketing and business to business advertising -- and we charge about half what traditional agencies charge.

I’m the guy in the picture. I’ve been a creative director and copywriter for a long time (note the beard). I also teach graduate-level courses in advertising strategy. If we can help, or you want to know more, or you just have a question, contact us.  

-- Doug Wilhide

3019 West 43rd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55410

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LATEST  UPDATE  4/24/2008

What’s new? -- check for the latest tips, ideas, ruminations. YOU'LL FIND MOST NEW STUFF HERE.

Our services -- Copywriting, advertising, creative direction, campaign planning.

What we do -- Direct marketing, Business advertising, writing, etc. We help people do marketing communications better.

Observations -- Our newsletter. always interesting. Published when we feel like it.  Notes,  tips, funny stories, etc.  

St. Thomas class -- Creative Strategy in Advertising. Graduate School, College of Business, University of St. Thomas.

FAQs -- frequently asked questions... and comments.

Client list -- representative clients, past and present.

NOTE:  if you're interested in our new poetry book, "Between the Lakes: The Poets of Linden Hills," go to the "what's new" page.

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